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Tobacco Farmers To Be Paid 50% of their Earnings In US Dollars

The Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) has said that it will let tobacco farmers retain 50 percent of their sales in United States dollars with the remainder to be deposited into their RTGS$ bank accounts.

It is a notable increase from the 30 percent stated by RBZ governor John Mangudya when he presented the Monetary Policy Statement.

A joint statement released on Saturday by the RBZ governor and Tobacco Industry and Marketing Board (TIMB) chief executive officer Dr. Andrew Matibiri read in part:


The Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe has put in place measures to ensure that tobacco growers who are going to sell their tobacco during the 2019 marketing season, are paid within the shortest possible time.

Tobacco growers shall be paid 50 per cent, after deduction of the USD loans, in United States dollar, and the proceeds shall be deposited in the growers Nostro FCA bank accounts.

The balance of 50 per cent of the net sale proceeds shall be credited into the grower RTGS$ bank account

Small-scale tobacco growers – with two hectares and below of the crop – are entitled to retain sales proceeds in the Nostro FCA for an indefinite period as free funds.


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