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RTGS$ falling against US Dollar

THE exchange rate between the United States dollar and the RTGS currency on the parallel market continues on an upward slight surge and seems to be picking up some momentum, according to date gathered on Thursday midday.

RatesZW, a team of financial analysts tracking the movement of the exchange rates in Zimbabwe, have published the following data which shows that the RTGS currency continues to shake in value against the greenback.

The RTGS rate had slid down to 3.5 following the introduction of the new currency when the 2019 monetary policy statement was announced in February as market uncertainty dictated matters.

Bank Rates on Thursday 12:00 hrs

The current bank exchange rates for the RTGS$ today are as follows

  • RTGS$ to USD: 2.9033
  • RTGS$ to RAND: 4.8934

Data according to the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe

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